If you need help building a custom experience, the below agencies have built Dialogflow agents on behalf of other companies.


Filament (London, Toronto) is a team of 30 experts in applied Artificial Intelligence that develop conversational services to the world's leading enterprises such as HSBC, AMEX and Deutsche Telekom.


Huge Inc, a full-service digital agency, produced a customer-service chatbot using Dialogflow for Koodo, a large Canadian telecommunications company. Within 3 months of launch, the experience exceeded offload goals and usage targets.


Psycle is a UK-based digital production company delivering chat-based experiences for agencies and brands including Armani, John Lewis and Halifax.


Sciensio is an award-winning maker of AI chatbots for event, experiential marketing, and customer service industries in the US.


XAPPmedia develops and manages over 950 voice apps on the Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Microsoft Cortana for major brands, creative agencies, and media outlets.

The list of agencies is provided for your information.
Google does not currently have a formal certification program for Dialogflow nor is it endorsing any specific agency.

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