Pricing FAQ

This page is dedicated to answering your questions regarding API V2 BETA and Dialogflow Enterprise Edition.


What's new with Dialogflow API V2?

Dialogflow API V2 BETA is the next iteration of our developer API. The new API integrates Google Cloud Speech, enabling developers to send audio directly to Dialogflow for combined speech recognition and natural language understanding.

API V2 BETA also supports exporting, importing and restoring agents through API calls, for improved integration with developers’ change management processes. We’ve also added support for gRPC, a high-performance RPC framework that improves performance, scalability and integration.

API V2 follows Google API Design Guidelines and introduces new endpoints for each of the Dialogflow resources, such as entities, intents, etc. More information could be found in the API V2 Reference.

How can I try out Dialogflow API V2?

If you’re interested in trying either of these beta releases, take a look at our V2 guide to see if it will support your development needs.

What if I've already published using API V1?

Existing agents will not be affected by the launch of API V2 BETA. If you’d like to try out V2 of the API with your live agent, see this section of our migration guide.

If my agent integrates with Action on Google and Google Assistant, should I move to the new API?

The Actions on Google client library does not currently support API V2 BETA. We recommend that Actions on Google users remain on API V1 until an updated client library is available.

What if I want to continue developing for API V1?

You can continue building with API V1 as it continues to be our default API. Using Dialogflow Enterprise Edition BETA requires the use of API V2 BETA.

Should I create my new project with API V2?

We recommend that most users create new projects with API V1 unless they require features only available in API V2 BETA. Using Dialogflow Enterprise Edition BETA requires the use of API V2 BETA.

Should I convert my existing project to API V2?

We recommend that most users continue development with API V1 unless they would like to evaluate API V2 BETA or require features only available in API V2 BETA. Using Dialogflow Enterprise Edition BETA requires the use of API V2 BETA.

Will I need to update my client library to support V2 anytime soon?

No. We will continue support for our existing V1 API for an extended period of time. However, any new features and improvements will be added to API V2 BETA, and to access them you will need to migrate to API V2 BETA.

Dialogflow Enterprise Edition BETA

What is "Dialogflow Standard Edition"?

Dialogflow Standard Edition is the new name for our existing service.

Standard Edition provides you with free access to Dialogflow, with technical support provided by the community. Text interactions come with default usage limits to prevent misuse, but you can request a quota increase if you require additional volume.

Dialogflow Standard Edition supports both Dialogflow’s existing API V1 and Dialogflow API V2 BETA. The Google Cloud Speech features of API V2 BETA are subject to separate usage quotas and billing.

What is “Dialogflow Enterprise Edition”?

Dialogflow Enterprise Edition is a new service, available as part of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Enterprise Edition provides unlimited text and voice interactions, higher default usage limits, and technical support from Google Cloud, billed per interaction according to the pricing guide. Dialogflow Enterprise Edition requires the use of Dialogflow API V2 BETA.

Which Dialogflow Edition is right for me?

We anticipate that Dialogflow Standard Edition will remain the preferred option for the majority of use cases. If you’re interested in learning more about Dialogflow Enterprise Edition BETA , go here.

Dialogflow Enterprise Edition BETA is ideal for businesses that need Google Cloud Platform’s enterprise-grade compliance and customer support. Learn more about Dialogflow Enterprise Edition.

Is Dialogflow’s Standard Edition still free?

Yes! There are no changes to pricing for Dialogflow’s core offering, now referred to as our Standard Edition. Both Dialogflow’s API V1 and Dialogflow API V2 are available free of cost to our community.

If you’re interested in enterprise-grade support to help your business scale, learn more about the Dialogflow Enterprise Edition pricing model.