Google Project FAQ

What is a Google project and why does my agent create and link to one?
When you create a new agent, Dialogflow automatically creates a Firebase project which is backed by a Google Cloud project. This is linked to the agent and allows for agent/project sharing, use of the Actions on Google integration, and provides a platform to deploy your webhook fulfillment.

Do I need an existing Google Cloud Platform/Firebase account to use Dialogflow?
No. Since you log in to Dialogflow with your Google account, we handle it on our end.

Should I just delete the Google project if I don't plan on using it?
Even if you don't plan on using any of the Google project's benefits, you won't be able to delete the project until the agent in Dialogflow is removed. Once the agent is deleted, you can follow these instructions to shut down/delete your project.

Can I restore a Google project that is scheduled for deletion?
Yes! Shutting down a Google project releases all resources used within the project. When a project is shutdown you will instantly lose access. After a 30-day waiting period, the project and associated data are permanently deleted from the console. During this 30 day period, you can restore your project by following these instructions.

When testing/using fulfillment through Google Cloud and making external calls why do I need to enter billing information?
The Firebase Spark (Free) plan doesn't allow for outbound network calls, outside of Google services. While you won't be charged, your billing information is used to verify your identity and you will then be able to make network calls to outside services.

I'm getting a message about running out of projects. What's the deal?
This is based on project quotas set by the Google Cloud Platform. If you hit your limit, you can request a quota increase. Information on quotas and increasing them can be found here.

How does sharing work and how does sharing affect my project quota?
Information on sharing can be found here. The Google project creator's quota will be impacted when new agents are created. Other users with access to the project will not be affected, including additional Admin/Owners.

Can I make another user an Admin/Owner of the Google project?
Yes. Please see the page on Sharing for how to do this.