The Actions on Google integration in Dialogflow allows interoperability between the Google Assistant and Dialogflow, letting you use Dialogflow agents as conversational fulfillment for your Actions.


Before developing, you should design your conversation, or the user interface for your Actions. The conversation describes how users invoke your Action, the valid things that they can say to your Action, and how your Action responds to them. See our comprehensive design site with guidelines and best practices to help you build the best conversation possible.

Conversation design site

Actions on Google integration

Learn about how the Actions on Google integration works, so you understand how the Assistant communicates with your agent to better understand how to develop your Actions with Dialogflow.

Integration overview


Go to the Actions on Google Developer Console and create a developer project. The project lets you define metadata about your Action and manage and track your Action through the approval process. Once you have a project, you can create a Dialogflow agent that defines all your Actions.

Set up your project


Learn how to use Actions on Google features of Dialogflow to build Actions for the Google Assistant.

Build an agent


Dialogflow automatically uploads action packages to your Actions project based on your agent's intets, so you can test your Actions quickly and easily.

Test your Actions