To start building conversational Actions with Dialogflow, you'll first need an Actions project, which lets you manage your Actions and a Dialogflow agent, which lets you build and manage your conversational fulfillment.

Create an Actions project

Actions projects are containers for your Action(s) with the metadata (name, description, category) that becomes your Actions directory listing.

To start building Actions, you'll first need to create an Actions project:

  1. Open the Actions Console.
  2. Click on Add/import project.
  3. Type in a Project name, like actions-codelab. This name is for your own internal reference; later on, you can set an external name for your project.

  4. Click Create Project.

  5. Choose the Conversational card at the bottom of the page.

  6. Click Build > Actions in the left nav.

  7. Click Add your first Action.

  8. Select at least one language for your Action, followed by Update. For this codelab, we recommend only selecting English.

  9. On the Custom intent card, click Build. This opens the Dialogflow Console in another tab.

Create a Dialogflow agent

Now that you've built your Actions project, create a Dialogflow agent and associate it with your project:

  1. After following the steps above, you should already be in the Dialogflow Console with your Actions project name at the top. You may need to authorize Dialogflow to use your Google account, and accept the Terms of Service.

  2. Click Create.

If the agent creation is successful, the Intents appears. You can now begin customizing how your Dialogflow agent responds to user requests.