Dialogflow Tropo Integration for SMS allows you to easily create Tropo bots with natural language understanding based on the Dialogflow technology.

Setting Up Dialogflow

  1. In Dialogflow, go to Integrations in the left hand menu.
  2. Click on the Tropo tile.
  3. Copy the Web (HTTP) API.
  4. Click the Start button.

Setting Up Tropo

In order to set up the Tropo integration for your agent, you'll need a Tropo account.

Create a Messaging Service in Tropo

  1. Login to Tropo and go to Applications > Create New App.
  2. Enter the following information:
    1. Name.
    2. Choose Web (HTTP) API and enter the URL copied from Dialogflow.
    3. Choose a Country and City for a generated phone number.
  3. Click the Create App button.
  4. Clear the Voice Script field under Web API Details.
  5. Click the Save Settings button.


You can test your bot by sending a text message to the messaging service number. In order to enable SMS, you will need to verify your Tropo account.