Small Talk

As of May 29, 2017 Small Talk has been updated to improve speed and accuracy. The update also includes changes in actions and parameters returned with the responses.

New Classifications

Here is how old classifications map into the new ones.

Old intent New Intent
smalltalk.person simplified: who are you smalltalk.agent.acquaintance
smalltalk.person simplified: your age smalltalk.agent.age
smalltalk.agent simplified: your birth date smalltalk.agent.birth\_date
smalltalk.agent simplified: are you busy smalltalk.agent.busy
smalltalk.agent simplified: can you help smalltalk.agent.can\_you\_help
smalltalk.agent simplified: you are chatbot smalltalk.agent.chatbot
smalltalk.person simplified: your family n/a
smalltalk.agent simplified: you are hungry smalltalk.agent.hungry
smalltalk.person simplified: are you married n/a
smalltalk.agent simplified: marry me smalltalk.agent.marry\_user
smalltalk.agent simplified: you are my friend\_friend
smalltalk.agent simplified: are you ok\_are\_you
smalltalk.agent simplified: you are real smalltalk.agent.real
smalltalk.topics simplified: significant other n/a
smalltalk.topics simplified: stop it n/a
smalltalk.agent simplified: are you there smalltalk.agent.there
smalltalk.dialog simplified: cool n/a
smalltalk.appraisal simplified: good smalltalk.appraisal.good
smalltalk.appraisal simplified: no problem\_problem
smalltalk.appraisal simplified: thank you smalltalk.appraisal.thank\_you
smalltalk.appraisal simplified: well done smalltalk.appraisal.well\_done
smalltalk.appraisal simplified: you are welcome smalltalk.appraisal.welcome
smalltalk.dialog simplified: i do not care smalltalk.dialog.i\_do\_not\_care
smalltalk.dialog simplified: please n/a
smalltalk.dialog simplified: sorry smalltalk.dialog.sorry
smalltalk.dialog simplified: what do you mean smalltalk.dialog.what\_do\_you\_mean
smalltalk.dialog simplified: wrong smalltalk.dialog.wrong
smalltalk.dialog simplified: ha ha smalltalk.emotions.ha\_ha
smalltalk.dialog simplified: wow
smalltalk.greetings simplified: goodbye smalltalk.greetings.bye
smalltalk.greetings simplified: good evening smalltalk.greetings.goodevening
smalltalk.greetings simplified: good morning smalltalk.greetings.goodmorning
smalltalk.greetings simplified: good night smalltalk.greetings.goodnight
smalltalk.greetings simplified: hello smalltalk.greetings.hello
smalltalk.greetings simplified: how are you\_are\_you
smalltalk.greetings simplified: nice to meet you smalltalk.greetings.nice\_to\_meet\_you
smalltalk.greetings simplified: nice to talk to you smalltalk.greetings.nice\_to\_talk\_to\_you
smalltalk.greetings simplified: what is up smalltalk.greetings.whatsup
smalltalk.user simplified: i am bored smalltalk.user.bored
smalltalk.user simplified: i am happy smalltalk.user.happy
smalltalk.user simplified: i am sad smalltalk.user.sad
smalltalk.user simplified: i am sleepy smalltalk.user.sleepy
smalltalk.user simplified: i am testing you smalltalk.user.testing\_agent