Dialogflow simulator

As you build your agent in Dialogflow, you will want to test out how intents are matched and how your agent responds. The Dialogflow simulator allows you to converse with your agent within the console. This page will show you how to use the simulator and the information it provides.

The simulator can be found on the right side of the console and consists of three main areas:

  • The top section is where you enter your query to your agent. You can either type in your response in the text field or click on the microphone mic icon to use your computer's microphone and say your query.

  • The Agent section shows specific information on the query, like what your agent responded with, the contexts that were triggered, and the intent that was matched.

    See the Agent section below for more info.

  • The DIAGNOSTIC INFO button will show request and response information related to the query. This is where you can see the raw data from the interaction.

    See the Diagnostics info below for more info.


The agent section of the simulator gives you a detailed look at how your agent reacted to the query. At an initial glance, this information can be used to make sure the correct intent is being matched and the expected contexts were triggered.

  • USER SAYS - This is the query the simulator received. This is best used to verify a spoken query was picked up correctly.

    Clicking COPY CURL will copy the cURL request to your system's clipboard.

  • DEFAULT RESPONSE - This shows how your agent responsed to the query. This could come from the response in an intent or your webhook fulfillment.

    Clicking PLAY will play the audio version of the response.

  • CONTEXTS - This section shows the contexts that were set in the intent that was matched by the query.

    Clicking RESET CONTEXTS will remove all active contexts from the conversation.

  • INTENT - This shows the intent that was matched with the query. You can click on the intent name to quickly navigate to it, for editing.

  • ACTION - This shows the action that was triggered through the intent or fulfillment, and includes the resolved parameter and value pair from the query.

Diagnostic info

In some cases, you may want to see the JSON versions of the interaction. You can see this information when you click on the DIAGNOSTIC INFO button at the bottom of the simulator.

This view gives you multiple options for seeing the requests and responses in JSON format:

  • RAW API RESPONSE - This is the JSON for the response in it's raw form, from your agent.
  • FULFILLMENT REQUEST - This is the JSON of the query sent to the agent's fulfillment.
  • FULFILLMENT RESPONSE - This is the JSON of the response sent from the agent's fulfillment.
  • FULFILLMENT STATUS - This is the returned status of the fulfillment.