Action and parameters

Within each intent, there is a table under the training phrases section entitled Action and parameters. Once you annotate your training phrases, the corresponding parameters automatically appear in this table. This section also contains a text field named "action". The value of this field is passed to fulfillment and can be used to trigger specific logic.


The highlighted words in your training phrases represent entities that are extracted as parameters at runtime. For every part of a training phrase that you annotate with an entity, a corresponding parameter stores the extracted value from the utterance. This lets you convert free-form user input into structured data that can be used to do some logic or generate responses.

As an example, let's look at one of the example training phrases we defined earlier— "What is the weather like on Tuesday at 3 PM". The date and time entities (corresponding to the values Tuesday and 3 PM) are automatically annotated as and @sys.time:

If the user said something like "weather on Thursday at noon", your agent would extract the parameters associated with date and time entities— "Thursday" and "noon". These parameters are passed to fulfillment if fulfillment is enabled for that intent. You can then use these parameters to look up the weather and repeat them back in your response, such as "The weather on Thursday at noon is 75 degrees and sunny".