Use Dialogflow for free or pay as you go for enterprise-grade services.

Dialogflow comes in 2 editions

Standard Edition is free and covers the need of most developers, while Enterprise Edition offers paid enterprise support. You can choose which edition to use when you create your Dialogflow agent. Your account can include agents from both editions.

See which edition works best for your development needs:


Standard Edition

Pay as you go

Enterprise Edition

Text queries Free usage with unlimited requests Unlimited requests at $0.002 per request
Voice interaction Free usage up to 1,000 requests per day with a maximum of 15,000 requests per month Unlimited Cloud Speech-to-Text requests at $0.0065 per 15 seconds (see details)
Default quota for text queries 3 queries per second (averaged over a minute) 10 queries per second (averaged over a minute)
Service level agreement None Dialogflow Enterprise Edition Service Level Agreement (SLA)
Support Community and email support Eligible for Google Cloud Support
Terms of Service Dialogflow ToS Google Cloud Platform ToS

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Ideal for small to medium businesses or those who want to experiment with Dialogflow

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