Use Dialogflow for free or pay as you go for enterprise-grade services.

Dialogflow comes in 2 editions

Standard Edition is free and covers the need of most developers, while Enterprise Edition offers paid enterprise support. You can choose which edition to use when you create your Dialogflow agent. Your account can include agents from both editions.

See which edition works best for your development needs:


Standard Edition

Pay as you go

Enterprise Edition

Essentials Plus
Knowledge Connectors (Beta) Limited Limited Unlimited*
Text or Google Assistant Unlimited* Unlimited*
$0.002 per request
$0.004 per request
Includes speech recognition and synthesis (Beta)
Limited Unlimited*
$0.0065 per 15 sec of audio
$0.0085 per 15 sec of audio
Phone Call (Beta)
Includes phone connectivity, speech recognition, natural language understanding, speech synthesis
Limited Unlimited*
$0.05 per min of phone call processed
$0.065 per min of phone call processed
Toll-free phone call (Beta) None $0.06 per min of phone call processed $0.075 per min of phone call processed
Service Level Agreement None SLA
Support Community support and email Eligible for Cloud Support package with commited response times for supporting production applications
Terms of Service Dialogflow ToS Google Cloud Platform ToS

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Ideal for small to medium businesses or those who want to experiment with Dialogflow

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* Features labelled as "Unlimited" have default enterprise-ready quotas and limits. Dialogflow Enterprise Edition users may request quota increases from the GCP Console. Quota increases for usage in the context of Actions on Google (Google Assistant) will be provided free of charge for high quality actions upon request.
See the Google Cloud quota and limits page for more information.